July 4, Letter from the Committee for Ulster County to the New-York Congress



In Committee for the County of Ulster,
July 4, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: On the 13th of May last, in the town of the New-Paltz, the Committee of this County then met, at which meeting Colonel Hardenburgh, who was then Chairman, produced a resolve of our Provincial Congress, by which it appeared that the Committee of this County was authorized to draw on Peter V˙ B˙ Livingston, Esq˙, Provincial Treasurer, for the sum of three hundred and sixty pounds, to be applied toward paying the contingent expenses that might accrue in this County. On which the Committee then met on the 13th of May aforesaid, made out an order on Mr˙ Livingston for the above-named sum in favour of Colonel Hardenburgh, whom they (the Committee) then appointed their Treasurer, making him amenable to the Committee for his disbursements from time to time, also for the stock in hand whenever thereunto called by that Committee.

At a meeting of the Committee on the 27th ultimo it was


resolved that a new Treasurer should be elected, and an order made out desiring Colonel Hardenburgh to appear and account with the Committee, who were to meet this day. Major Joseph Hasbrouck was unanimously chosen Treasurer on the 27th ultimo, and this day Colonel Hardenburgh appeared, agreeable to the notice given him, but absolutely refused giving up the money remaining in his hands, alleging that he, considered personally, was accountable to Congress for the money, having given his receipt for it, and would not deliver it up to the Committee without an order from Congress for that purpose. To all this he was pretty fully answered by the Committee; but to no purpose, he being determined. Now, gentlemen, in order to show you that this Committee do not mean to act in this matter with the least partiality towards any person, neither have they any objection to Colonel Hardenburgh' s having remained their Treasurer provided he had remained in the Committee; but his being voted out in the precinct where he lived rendered him incapable to serve in the character of Chairman in the County Committee any longer. Of course he would have no business that could induce him to attend the Committee more than other individuals, therefore every person who had accounts against the County, and lived in the southern parts of it, after having them audited by the Committee, must be put to the extra expense and fatigue of travelling from the house of Ann Dubois to Colonel Hardenburgh' s to receive their money, which certainly would be a grievance, and is wholly removed by the appointment of Mr˙ Hasbrouck as Treasurer, who lives contiguous to the house where the Committee meets, of course convenient for persons from every part of the County. Therefore, gentlemen, we beg that you will immediately lay this matter before the honourable Convention of our State, and procure us an order that will enable us to draw our money from Colonel Hardenburgh, which, we conceive, he unjustly detains from us, and thereby be enabled to discharge the accounts that appear to be justly due by us. Also, gentlemen, that you will be pleased to solicit the Convention for a determination what commissions Colonel Hardenburgh is entitled to, as that gentleman declared before the Committee he would be paid a commission as ample for the whole sum as though he paid it out in small parcels; therefore, beg the honourable Convention may fix this matter, lest there should some altercation take place between that gentleman and this Committee concerning it, which we would by all due means endeavour to avoid.

We have the honour, gentlemen, to be, with the greatest esteem, your most obedient humble servants.

By order of the Committee:

ROBERT BOYD, Jun˙, Chairman.

To the Members for the County of Ulster now in the Convention of the State of New-York.

P˙ S. Gentlemen, must beg your care and vigilance in the above. The affair should long ere this have been sent to you, having been committed to my charge, but our late troubles give me other employment. Last Tuesday our Committee met and fixed officers for our Rangers, in which we found no other difficulty than choosing the persons who should serve from an extra number, having nine offered for Captains and fourteen Lieutenants. Isaac Belknap, Jacob R˙ Dewitt, and Elias Hasbrouck are the Captains. Gentlemen, as it doth not appear by the resolves concerning the raising of Rangers, who is to muster them, or where or by whom they are to be stationed, I have it in charge from our Committee to write you concerning those particulars, begging that the honourable Convention may direct concerning them.

I am, gentlemen, with the greatest esteem, your very humble servant,