Resolutions Respecting the Inhabitants of Queen' s County, New-York


The Committee on the state of New-York brought in a further Report, which, being taken into consideration, was agreed to, as follows:

Whereas, a majority of the inhabitants of Queen' s County, in the Colony of New-York, being incapable of resolving to live and die freemen, and being more disposed to quit their liberties than part with the title proportion of their property necessary to defend them, have deserted the American cause, by refusing to send Deputies, as usual, to the Convention of that Colony; and avowing, by a publick Declaration, an unmanly design of remaining inactive spectators of the present contest, vainly flattering


themselves, perhaps, that should Providence declare for our enemies, they may purchase their mercy and favour at an easy rate; and, on the other hand, if the war should terminate to the advantage of America, that then they may enjoy, without expense of blood or treasure, all the blessings resulting from that liberty which they, in the day of trial, had abandoned, and in defence of which many of their more virtuous neighbours and countrymen had nobly died; and although the want of publick spirit, observable in these men, rather excites pity than alarm, there being little danger to apprehend either from their prowess or example, yet it being reasonable that those who refuse to defend their country should be excluded from its protection, and be prevented from doing it injury:

Resolved, That all such persons in Queen' s County, aforesaid, as voted against sending Deputies to the present Convention of New-York, and named in a list of delinquents in Queen' s County, published by the Convention of New-York, be put out of the protection of the United Colonies, and that all trade and intercourse with them cease; that none of the inhabitants of that County be permitted to travel or abide in any part of these United Colonies, out of their said County, without a certificate from the Convention, or Committee of Safety of the Colony of New-York, setting forth that such inhabitant is a friend to the American, cause, and not of the number of those who voted against sending Deputies to the said Convention; and that such of the said inhabitants as shall be found out of the said County, without such certificate, be apprehended, and imprisoned three months.

Resolved, That no Attorney, or Lawyer, ought to commence, prosecute, or defend any action at law, of any kind, for any of the said inhabitants of Queen' s County, who voted against sending Deputies to the Convention, as aforesaid; and such Attorney, or Lawyer, as shall contravene this Resolution, are enemies to the American cause, and ought to be treated accordingly.

Resolved, That the Convention, or Committee of Safety of the Colony of New-York, be requested to continue publishing, for a month, in all their Gazettes, or Newspapers, the names of all such of the inhabitants of Queen' s County as voted against sending Deputies; and to give certificates, in the manner before recommended, to such others of the said inhabitants as are friends to American liberty.

And it is recommended to all Conventions, Committees of Safely, and others, to be diligent in executing the above Resolutions.

Resolved, That Colonel Nathaniel Heard, of Woodbridge, in the Colony of New-Jersey, taking with him five or six hundred Minute-Men, under discreet officers, do march to the western part of Queen' s County, and that Colonel Waterbury, of Stamford, in the Colony of Connecticut, with the like number of Minute-Men, march to the eastern part of the said County; that they confer together, and endeavour to enter the said County on the same day; that they proceed to disarm every person in the said County, who voted against sending Deputies to the said Convention, and cause them to deliver up their arms and ammunition on oath, and that they take and confine in safe custody, till further orders, all such as refuse compliance.

That they apprehend and secure, till further orders, the persons named as principal men among the disaffected in the said County, in a summons for their appearance before the Convention of New-York, issued the 12th of December last, viz:

Of Jamaica Township, Captain Benjamin Whitehead, Charles Arden, Joseph French, Esquire, Johannes Polhemus.

Of Newtown, Nathaniel Moore, John Moore, Senior, Samuel Hallet, John Moore, Jun˙, William Weyman, John Shoals, Jeromus Rapalje.

Of Flushing, John Willel.

Of Hempstead, Justice Gilbert Van Wyck, Daniel Kissam, Esquire; of Cow-Neck, Captain Jacob Molt, Thomas Cornhill; of Rockaway, Gabriel G˙ Ludlow, Richard Hewlett, Captain Charles Hicks, Doctor Martin, Justice Samuel Clowes.

Of Oyster-Bay, Justice Thomas Smith, of Hog-Island, Justice John Hewlett, Captain George Weeks, Doctor David Brooks, Justice John Townsend.

And all such other persons who shall be found in arms,


or who shall oppose the carrying the above Resolutions into effect, as the said Colonel Heard or Colonel Waterbury may think prudent to detain.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the said Colonel Heard and Colonel Waterbury, to execute the business intrusted to them by the foregoing Resolutions, with all possible despatch, secrecy, order, and humanity.

Resolved, That the Committee of Safety of the Colony of Pennsylvania be requested to furnish Colonel Heard with two hundred pounds of Gunpowder.

Resolved, That the sum of five hundred Dollars be forthwith transmitted, with certified copies of these Resolutions, to each of them, the said Colonel Heard and Colonel Waterbury, and that they, on their return, report to this Congress, a true state of their expenditure and proceedings.

The Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania, having recommended sundry gentlemen for Lieutenant-Colonels of the four Battalions ordered to be raised in said Colony,

Resolved, That the same be taken into consideration tomorrow.

A Letter from the Committee of Frederick, in Maryland, brought by the officer who had the charge of bringing down John Connolly, and his Associates, was laid before Congress and read.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania, to carry into execution the Resolution of Congress for confining said Connolly, and his Associates, in the Jail of Philadelphia, and that they take their examination.

Adjourned to ten o' clock, to-morrow.