The Committee to whom was referred the papers presented by John McDonald, on the subject of the Lead Mine in Dutchess County, reported; which being considered, was recommitted to the same Committee, with the addition of Mr˙ London.


The Committee to whom the Report on the papers of John McDonald was recommitted, reported the following Resolution, which was agreed to:

Resolved and Ordered, That the Treasurer of this State do advance to John McDonald, Miner, the sum of £6, to enable him to advance to Donald Morrison 12s˙ a week, for the term of ten weeks, unless the said Donald Morrison shall sooner be able to labour; that the said Donald Morrison do repay the money so lent to him, either in money or labour, to the said McDonald, and the said John McDonald to be accountable to this Convention for the said sum of £6, provided the said Donald Morrison does not decease before he shall be able by his labour to earn or pay the whole or any part of that money; in which case, the said John McDonald shall be liable to refund so much only of the said money as the said Donald Morrison has or might have earned by his labour.