February 15


Thursday, February 15, 1776.

Council met. Present the same Members as yesterday, except Mr˙ Hall.

Commissions issued to Abraham Simmons, appointed Captain; Thomas Tongue, First Lieutenant; Thomas Morion, Second Lieutenant, and Abeel Hill, Ensign, of a Company of Militia in Anne Arundel County, belonging to the South-River Battalion.

Adjourned till three o' clock, and met according to adjournment.

Ordered, That the Treasurer of the Western-Shore pay to Messieurs Samuel and Robert Purviance five hundred and thirty-five Pounds eight Shillings, for Canvass, for the use of the forces of this Province, as per account.

Mr˙ Robert Purviance engages with the Council of Safety to return to them the four hundred and twenty-four yards of Canvass delivered to Mr˙ Lux; also, the one hundred and sixty-five yards delivered for the Sloop Hornet, and the one hundred and forty-three and a quarter yards delivered to Mr˙ Hugh Young.

Ordered, That the Treasurer of the Western-Shore pay to St˙ George Peale three Pounds nine Shillings, being the amount of his expense to Maryborough, to provide a house for the reception of the Records.

Ordered, That the said Treasurer pay to Robert Key three Pounds ten Shillings, for Chests for the said Records.

Adjourned till next day, ten o' clock.