Letter to the Committee of Westchester County


Mr˙ Gerardus Bancker informed a Member of the Convention that on Saturday last, at the White-Plains, he heard Manning Bull say that Brigadier-General Woodhull was taken prisoner on Long-Island, and that soon after, on the same day, he heard Dr˙ Robert Graham say the same. In consequence of the said information, suspicion arose in the minds of the Members whether a correspondence is not kept up between some person or persons in Westchester County and the enemy on Long-Island.

Thereupon, a Letter was written to the Committee of Westchester County, in the words following, to wit:

"SIR: This Committee have been informed that Doctor Graham and Manning Bull had very early intelligence of General Woodhull' s being taken prisoner on Long-Island. We are apprehensive that a correspondence is kept up between those persons, or some other in your County, and the enemy. You are therefore earnestly requested to make strict inquiry into this matter, by inquiring of whom they had their information, and report your proceedings with all possible despatch. You' ll be pleased likewise to transmit to this Committee or the Convention your proceedings in the affair of Lownsbury, as also the commission and other papers found upon him. We are, &c.

"To the Chairman of Committee of Westchester County."