Instructions to General Woodhull


The Committee appointed to draw Instructions to General Woodhull reported a draft which was agreed to, and are in the words following, that is to say:

"You are hereby ordered, with the troops under your command, to take post on the heights, near the western boundaries of Queen' s County, or in such other place or places in the Counties of Queen' s, King' s, or Suffolk, as you shall think most convenient for preventing the incursions and depredations of the enemy. And you, are hereby empowered and directed to order out the whole or any further part of the Militia, and other inhabitants of said Counties, when and where you shall think them necessary, to protect the inhabitants, removing or destroying the stock and other provisions, and for the other purposes mentioned in the resolutions herewith sent you. You are also to do all in your power to prevent all intercourse with the enemy, by securing and sending to this Convention all such persons as shall be any way aiding or assisting them, or opposing any measures which have been, or shall hereafter be, directed by this Convention; and to search the houses of such persons for papers, as you shall suspect to have had intelligence from the enemy; and you are also at liberty to mount on horseback any number of the Militia that you may think necessary."