Proceedings of the Connecticut Council' of Safety


Thursday, July 4, 1776.

Met according to adjournment, present the same as yesterday.

The Governour received Letters last night from General Schuyler, Mr˙ Trumbull, &c.

Captain Herrick is here from the frontier Towns, who are under great fears and distress, and soliciting relief. The matter discoursed, &c˙, and seems most proper to write General Washington on the subject, moving to have a Continental Regiment raised thereabouts, &c˙, and suggesting the advantage of an established Militia there, &c˙, &c.

A Letter is prepared for Mr˙ Hosmer.

Captain Joseph Marsh (late Captain Marsh, of this Town, now of Hartford, on the frontiers, Member of the York Congress) came in from New-York, and gave large accounts of the conduct of affairs there, &c.

Captain Thomas Stanton, of the Galley Shark, exhibited his Account of many sundries for and about said Galley, of £95 9s˙ 6d˙, and Tilley' s Bill for Rigging, &c˙, £34 2s˙ 2d˙; total, £129 11s˙ 8d˙, and is allowed; and ordered that the said sum be drawn for. (Order given.)

Voted, That an Order be drawn on the Pay-Table for Captain Thomas Stanton for £100, to be by him improved in purchasing Provisions and necessaries for the Galley, and render his account thereof.

(Order given, and delivered said Stanton.)

Voted, That six barrels of Montserrat Sulphur Ore, now in the hands of Mr˙ Thomas Mumford, on account of the General Congress, may properly be delivered to, and for the use of Messrs˙ Elderkin & Wales' s Powder-Mill, they accounting therefor to said Congress.

Whereas this Board are informed that vessels loaded with Provisions frequently pass down the Sound, and go out to sea in this critical time, when the coasts are lined with ships of our enemies, who are in great need of our Provisions, and without which they cannot carry on their hostile designs against us; and very many of our provision vessels having already fallen into their hands, and much of their support having been received and derived that way, and the danger, at this time of their being taken being greater than ever:

It is therefore Resolved and Ordered, That Captain Niles, of the Colony' s armed Schooner Fly, now lying in the Harbour of New-London, or the commander of any other armed vessel belonging to this Colony, be, and they are hereby, directed to seize and bring into port any such provision vessel or vessels which he or they may be able to discover and take, in or about said harbour, offing or sound, bound to sea, and the same hold and detain; and make report of the circumstances, cargo, and destination of such vessel or vessels, the master' s name, place of abode, owner' s name, the license by which they have sailed, &c˙, to his Honour the Governour, and take his directions relative to the proceeding or further destination of such vessel: Provided, nevertheless, That if any such vessel, so taken, shall be furnished with papers, clearances, or authority from the honourable Continental Congress, allowing such vessel to proceed to the port of her destination, such vessel is not to be hindered or detained by said Captain or commander, anything herein to the contrary notwithstanding. (Copy given.)

Resolved and Ordered, That Captain Thomas Stanton, of the Colony Row-Galley Shark, shall and may, from time to time, have and receive a supply of salted Beef and Pork, Bread and Flour, sufficient for the support of the Officers,


Sailors, and Marines, in the service of this Colony, on board said Galley, of Captain John Deshon, who is directed to deliver the same; and that said Stanton provide all other necessaries for their supply; and that he take order that the same be dealt out to them prudently and carefully, without spoil or waste, with such fresh Fish as they take; and that he keep a just and exact account of purchase and expenditure of such Provisions, and the same render to his Honour the Governour at the end of two months, for his consideration and further orders in the premises.

Further, Resolved and Ordered, That the said Stanton, from time to time, apply to, and receive of, Mr˙ N˙ Shaw, at New-London, all such Powder, Shot, and Military Stores as said Shaw shall judge necessary for said Galley.

And further, Resolved and Ordered, That said Stanton, with said Galley, do, for the present, and until further orders, make the Harbour of Stonington his general place of rendezvous, and that he cruise from thence through Fisher' s Island Sound as far westward as New-London Harbour, and east and south of Fisher' s Island, when opportunity presents that he may do it with prudence, and that he observe and obey such signals as Captain Harding, in the Colony Brig Defence, and Captain Niles, in the armed Schooner Spy, or other his superior officers, from time to time, shall appoint and make to him. (Order given for £100. Also, Order given, sent by Mr˙ B˙ Huntington.)

Allowed an Account of Samuel Wheat, of Norwich, viz: to said Daniel Lattimer, &c˙, to carting four Guns and one load of Carriages to Norwich, for use of the Schooner, £3 18s. An Order to be drawn accordingly.

Adjourned until to-morrow morning.