Jan.22,Agreement with Captain Pitt and Captain Middleton, for procuring intelligence


The following Agreement was made with Captain John Pitt:

"Whereas the honourable the late Convention of the Province of Maryland resolved that two Pilot-Boats be immediately employed, and stationed to gain and communicate intelligence of any attempt that might be made by the Men-of-War to come into this Province:

"I do hereby agree with the Honourable Darnel of St˙ Thomas Jenifer, Charles Carroll, Banister, John Hall, and James Tilghman, Esquires, of the Council of Safety for this Province, to furnish one Pilot-Boat for the above purpose, at the rate of twenty-five Shillings per day, and immediately to sail with my said boat for the purpose of gaining intelligence agreeable to said resolution; and that I will from time to time use my best endeavours to gain such intelligence, and as occasion may require communicate the same to the Council of Safety.


Instructions were given accordingly to Captain Pitt.

Adjourned till three o' clock, and met according to adjournment.