Mr. Hobart chosen Chairman



Tuesday Morning, August 27, 1776.

The Committee of Safety met.

Present: Mr˙ Tredwell, Mr˙ Hobart, Mr˙ Wm˙ Smith, Mr˙ Dearing, Mr˙ James Townsend, Mr˙ Duer, and Mr˙ R˙ R˙ Livingston.

Mr˙ Hobart was unanimously chosen Chairman.

Present: Colonel De Witt, Mr˙ Adgate, Mr˙ Stephens, Mr˙ Wm˙ Harper, Major Parks, Colonel Marsh, Mr˙ Wisner, Jr˙, Mr˙ Bleecker, Mr˙ Yates, who went to Church, Mr˙ Mills, Mr˙ Lockwood, and Colonel Van Cortlandt.

A Letter from General Woodhull was received and read, and is in the words following, to wit:


"Jamaica, August 27, 1776.

"GENTLEMEN: I am now at Jamaica, with less than one hundred men, having brought all the cattle from the westward and southward of the hills, and have sent them off with the Troops of Horse, with orders to take all the rest eastward of this place to the eastward of Hempstead Plains, and to put them into the fields, and set a guard over them. The enemy, I am informed, are intrenching from the heights, near Howard' s, southward.

"I have now received yours, with several resolutions, which I wish it was in my power to put in execution, but unless Colonels Smith and Remsen (mentioned in yours) join me with their Regiments, or some other assistance, immediately, I shall not be able, for the people are all moving east, and I cannot get any assistance from them.

"I shall continue here as long as I can, in hopes of a reinforcement, but if none comes soon I shall retreat, and drive the stock before me into the woods. Colonels Smith and Remsen, I think, cannot join me. Unless you can send me some other assistance, I fear I shall soon be obliged to quit this place. I hope soon to hear from you.

"I am, gentlemen, your most obedient, humble servant,


"To the Hon˙ the Convention of the State of New-York."