Report of the Committee


The Committee appointed to wait on General Washington with the Resolutions for calling out the western Suffolk Regiment and Queen' s County Militia, to prevent the stock falling in the enemy' s hands, do report, that, according to order, they waited on his Excellency, and conferred with him on the subject above-mentioned, and that he seemed well pleased, but said he was afraid it was too late. Your Committee told him the Convention had sent an express to General Woodhull, on Saturday morning, to imbody the western Regiment of Suffolk, and all the remaining part of the Militia of Queen' s, and march to the high grounds on the western part of said Counties; but as the said Convention was apprehensive that General Woodhull would not have a sufficient force to drive off the stock and repel the ravaging parties of the enemy, thought it most conducive to the publick welfare that the Regiments above-mentioned should be applied for, that he might thereby be enabled more effectually to carry the resolves of the Convention into execution; upon which General Washington appeared well satisfied with the proceedings of the Convention, and said that he should at all times, when he had it in his power, be ready to give them any assistance consistent with the pub-lick good, and that he would immediately give orders that Colonels Smith' s and Remsen' s Regiments should march into Queen' s County, to join General Woodhull; and as to calling out any more of the Militia, he asked what time we thought it would take to have the Militia of Westchester County imbodied; we told him we thought at least four or five days; upon which he made no reply. Your Committee do further report, it was the General' s opinion, that our Commissary should continue to supply the troops under Brigadier-General Woodhull, and that he consult with the Commissary-General, that they might not interfere with one another in purchasing provisions.