Committee to Report on the Mode of Confining, Securing, or Otherwise Disposing of the Prisoners


Mr˙ Duer moved a resolution as to the Prisoners in Westchester. After many debates, Mr˙ Jay moved for the previous question, which was carried.

Thereupon, Resolved, That Mr˙ Jay, Mr˙ Morris, and Mr˙ Duer, be a Committee to report upon the mode of confining, securing, or otherwise disposing of the Prisoners now taken up and confined in the Jail of Westchester by order of this Convention.

On motion of Mr˙ Duer,

Ordered, That Colonel Curtenius, as Commissary of this State, be ordered to pay to Colonel William Malcom, or his order, the sum of £60 5s˙, being the purchase money of sixteen Muskets and five Bayonets, disbursed by Captain Jonathan Blake for the use of his Company in Colonel Malcom' s Battalion; and the said Colonel Malcom do, on the receipt of this money, give a receipt to Colonel Curtenius for sixteen Muskets and five Bayonets, specifying their marks and quality, that the said Guns and Bayonets may hereafter be paid for or returned to the publick store of this State by the said Colonel Malcom.

Whereas it has been represented to this Convention that Colonel Josiah Smith' s Regiment, lately ordered to General Greene' s encampment on Nassau-Island, are destitute of camp equipage:

Ordered, That Mr˙ Hubbard and Mr˙ James Townsend be a Committee to inform the Continental Quartermaster of the state of that Regiment, and to request of him, without delay, to furnish them with proper camp equipage; and in case the said Quartermaster should not be able or willing to afford them the said necessary supplies, that then the said Committee take the most speedy and effectual means for obtaining them, and this Convention will defray the expense thereof, and add it to their Account against the General Congress.

Ordered, That the said Colonel Smith be, and he hereby is, authorized to appoint an Adjutant and Quartermaster to his Regiment, and that he recommend to this Convention a Surgeon for the same.

A Letter, dated the 12th instant, from Abraham C˙ Cuyler, John Duncan, Stephen De Lancey, John Monier, and Benjamin Hilton, prisoners sent and confined in Hartford


Jail, by order of the Committee of Albany, praying to be released from their disagreeable situation, was read.

Also, a Letter from the said A˙ C˙ Cuyler, of the same date, requesting permission to return home to visit his sick wife, whom he represents as unable to take care of his children and large family, and in the mean time to settle some of his private affairs, was read.

Also, a Letter from Henry Van Schaack, another prisoner, Bent to and confined at Hartford, declaring his innocence, and complaining of the injustice of his being transported thither under appearances of guilt, and praying to be suffered to appear before the Convention to be heard, and condemned or acquitted, was read.

A copy of a Letter from the said Henry Van Schaack, Andrew, and Munro, to the Committee of Albany, referred to in the preceding Letter, was read.


Ordered, That the three Letters last mentioned lie on the table for the perusal of the Members.

By a Letter from the Committee of Newtown, in Queen' s County, it appears that Captain Richard Lawrence, Commander of the Troop of Horse in said Town, has, through infirmity, resigned.

Thereupon, Ordered, That Commissions be immediately sent to Daniel Lawrence as Captain, Samuel Riker as First Lieutenant, Jonathan, Lawrence Second Lieutenant, Thomas Betts Cornet, pursuant to the recommendation of said Committee.