Thomas Cushing to Elbridge Gerry



Philadelphia, June 10, 1775.

SIR: Doctor Church will bring with him a vote of the Congress advising our people to consider the Governour and Lieutenant-Governour as absent, and their offices vacant; and further recommending it to the Provincial Congress to issue letters to all such places as are entitled to a representation, to choose Representatives, who, when convened, are advised to choose Counsellors, agreeable to the Charter; which Assembly, together with the Counsellors that may be chosen, are advised to carry on the affairs of Government until a Governour of His Majesty' s appointment will consent to govern according to the directions of


the Charter. As to giving a credit to our Provincial note, and regulating the Army, you will hear further from the Congress soon. The bearer carries a recommendation to the, other Colonies to supply you with all the powder they can safely spare.

In great haste, I am, with respect, your most humble servant,


Mr˙ Elbridge Gerry, Watertown.

P˙ S˙ Pray let me hear from you soon concerning my dear Country. Must refer you for particulars to Dr˙ Church.