Conference with Mr. Alcock and Mr. Massenbaugh, on the subject of Fortifications


A conference was had with Mr˙ Alcock and Mr˙ Massenbaugh, on the subject of Fortifications.

The Council called on Messrs˙ Keener, Messersmith, and Reddrick, to know what quantity of Muskets they had made for the use of this Province in consequence' of their contracts with Mr˙ Alexander.

Mr˙ Keener reported that he had made thirty; Mr˙ Messersmith that he had made twenty-seven, and repaired fifty-eight for the Ship Defence; Mr˙ Reddrick that he had nude seventy.

Ordered, That Major Gist and Captain Ewing, or either of them, be requested to employ a skilful person to prove the said Muskets, or any others that may be hereafter made by the said Keener, Messersmith, and Reddrick, or either of them, under their aforesaid contracts; and that the said Major Gist and Captain Swing, or either of them, be empowered to draw on the Committee of Observation for Baltimore County for Powder sufficient for that purpose.

Council adjourns till to-morrow morning, ten o' clock.