Resolutions of the Committees of Springfield,Westfield, and West-Springfield, for the regulation of the prisoners in the care of the Committees of Hampshire County



The Committee of the several Towns of Springfield, Westfield, and West-Springfield, at a meeting on the 3d day of July, 1776, agreed upon the following Resolves respecting the Prisoners committed to the care of the Committees of the several Towns in that part of the County of Hampshire, viz:

1. Resolved, That whereas some dangerous weapons have lately been found on some of the Prisoners, the several Committees be desired to make special search in each of their packs, pockets, &c˙, for the discovery of any such weapons, or inimical letters therein contained.

2. That the said Prisoners be not suffered to go out of any town or parish where they reside, upon any occasion or pretence, without a special permit from the Committee of such town or parish, nor allowed to be absent from their employers at any time without their leave; and that no leave of absence ought to be given them later than half an hour after sunset, and that they have no leave to be absent on Sundays, except to attend publick worship.

3. That the venders of spirituous liquors ought not to suffer any of the said Prisoners to be drinking in their respective houses, either at their own expense or others; but if either of the Committees of the respective towns and parishes shall judge it expedient and needful that they have strong drink, that they shall appoint some suitable person to supply them, but in a very sparing and moderate manner.

4. That whoever shall employ any of the above-said Prisoners, shall, within the space of three weeks from the time of their receiving them, transmit to the Committee from whom they receive them a copy of their agreement.

5. That no person may purchase any clothing or wearing apparel whatever belonging to the said Prisoners.