Letter from the Committee of the County of Cumberland


A Letter from the Committee of the County of Cumberland was received and read, and is in the words following, that is to say:

Province of New-York, Cumberland County, ss.

To the Honourable Gentlemen of the Provincial Congress of this Province:

"Upon the handbills from you sent to us, purporting the expediency of instituting civil government according to the exigencies of the County, the major part of whom have agreed thereto and elected their Delegates, and empowered them with their authority to agree with you in forming a mode of government independent of the Crown, in the most mild, just, and equitable manner possible, for the regulating their internal police, and the preservation of the rights, liberties and property of the people; all which subjected., nevertheless, to those regulations, conditions, and restraints, herewith transmitted you by the hands of the Delegates of this County; to all which they are, by their constituents in the premises, limited and restrained in such manner, that if they break over and violate those sacred instructions herewith sent you, in behalf of us and our constituents, in matters of such infinite importance and delicacy, the County Committee declare, in behalf of the few patriotick people there of, that they mean to, and hereby resolve to reserve to themselves the full liberty of an absolute disavowance there of, and of every clause, article, and paragraph, of such an institution.

"Also, it is hereby acceded to, and fully meant and intended by the good people of this County, that they, not-withstanding this compliance with the requisition of the; said


handbills above-mentioned, so directed to us for the purposes aforesaid, have fully and absolutely reserved to themselves and their heirs, &c˙, the full liberty of pursuing their former petition in behalf of the people included and specified therein some years ago, and referred to the Great and General Assembly of the ancient, ever-respectable, and most patriotick Government of the Massachusetts-Bay Province, that the whole district described in said petition may be hereafter remitted to that Province, and reserving to themselves also the right of offering their pleas, arguments and proofs in full, to induce a reunion thereof to that ancient jurisdiction, for those important reasons to be adduced, when, where, and before whom the parties concerned shall be admitted to offer the same. As in duty bound shall ever pray.

"The whole whereof, so as offered to your ever-respectable gentlemen, submitted with due congratulation of all the good people of said County.

"By order of the County Committee:

"JAMES CLAY, Chairman of said Committee.

"Copy compared with the original, and extracted therefrom.


ELK˙ DAY, Clerk of said Committee.

Test: ELK˙ DAY, Clerk to said Committee.

"Protests instantly entered.




"Westminster, June 21, A˙ D˙ 1776."

Ordered, That the said Letter be referred to a Committee, to consist of Mr˙ Morris, Mr˙ Duer, Mr˙ Hobart, and Mr˙ Schenck.