Copies of Instructions Laid Before the House


Ordered, That the second reading of the Bill, which stands appointed for Monday next, be put off to Thursday next; and that the Lords be summoned.

The Earl of Dartmouth laid before the House, pursuant to an Address to his Majesty for that purpose, of the 3d instant,

No˙ 1. Copy of Instructions from his Majesty to Guy Carleton, Esquire, Governor of Quebec, respecting the granting of Lands in that Province, dated 12th August, 1768, and the 2d of July, 1771.

No˙ 2. Copy of his Majesty' s Instructions to the Governors of Nova Scotia, New Hampshire, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, East Florida, and West Florida, respecting the granting of Lands in those Provinces, dated 3d February, 1774.