Letter from the Selectmen of Rochester, in the County of Stafford, in New-Hampshire, to Meshech Weare



Rochester, July 3, 1776.

SIR: We received an order from the Committee of Safety for the Colony of New-Hampshire, in which we were desired to deliver to Colonel Stephen Evans a four-pound cannon, which is in this town, to be returned to Piscataqua harbour, &c. Colonel Evans applied for said cannon in April last, but without an order. We told the Colonel we looked upon the cannon to be the town' s property, and that it might be


of service in alarming the country, &c˙; but still we told him we were willing it should be carried where your Honours should think it would answer the best end, in case he would give a receipt, and promise the value thereof equal to what hath been given for other cannon bought for the use of the Colony; on which the Colonel told us he was in no capacity to receive it on that condition, and so left it. One Saturday, the 29th June last, Colonel Evans sent again for said cannon, and likewise sent the above order; but as the same difficulty subsisted that there was at first, (there being no person to give a receipt or rather security,) the cannon was not delivered. The Selectmen acquainted the Committee of Safety for said town with their proceedings relative to the cannon; they justified our proceedings, yet thought the cannon ought to be carried where it would answer the best end, but yet thought our request for the value thereof not unreasonable.

We would herewith testify our readiness to obey all such orders as we shall receive from the honourable House from time to time, as also our willingness, with our lives and fortunes, to bear our proportionable part in defending and securing to us the rights and liberties and privileges we are now contending for, &c.

We are, sir, yours and the honourable House' s most obedient and humble servants,

Selectmen of Rochester.


To the Hon˙ Meshech Weare, Esq˙, President of the General Assembly now sitting.