Letter to General Washington


A draft of a Letter to General Washington, to be sent by Major Lawrence, was read and approved of, and is in the words following, that is to say:

"Wednesday Morning, August 28, 1776.

"SIR: I am commanded by the Convention to enclose to your Excellency the copy of a letter they received last evening from General Woodhull. The Convention are of opinion that the enemy may be prevented from getting the stock and grain on Long-Island, if the Regiments under the command of Colonels Smith and Remsen be sent to join General Woodhull. That this junction may be effected, and how, Major Lawrence (who is a member of this Convention, and the bearer hereof) will inform your Excellency.

"I have the honour to be, with great respect, your Excellency' s most obedient, humble servant. By order.

"To His Excellency General Washington."