Case of Captain Thomas Harriott submitted by the City Committee


"Captain Thomas Harriot being calling before this Committee, was duly convicted of having refused to receive in payment the Continental bills, and still persists in refusing the same; and further, said he would appeal to the Provincial Congress, but refused to give security for his answering to the said appeal, though a gentleman present offered his service to him on that account; and the said Harriot added that he did not care whether he was held up or not to the publick as an enemy to his country; and when he was informed of the disagreeable circumstances that he might bring himself into by his conduct, he replied he hoped or expected he would be provided for.

"This Committee conceiving the said Thomas Harriot to be a dangerous person, do request that the Provincial Congress may acquaint them if they think he ought to be suffered to go at large, as he is now in the custody of the guard.

"New-York Committee-Chamber, May 28, 1776.

"By order of the Committee:

"ROBERT HARPUR, Deputy Chairman.

"To the Honourable the Congress of the Colony of New-York."

Resolved, That the General Committee of the City of New-York be requested and authorized, and are hereby requested and authorized, to direct that Thomas Harriot be immediately committed to close Jail in this City, there to remain until further order of this Congress; for which this shall be their direction and authority.