Letter from Andrew Bostwick


A Letter from Andrew Bostwick dated at Goshen, the


15th instant, enclosing a Petition to the Convention "praying for that relief which the tumults and convulsions of the times had hitherto prevented him from getting," was received, and the Petition read.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee appointed for the relief of Prisoners imprisoned for Debt.

The Petition of Abel Noble and Peter Townsend, proprietors of Sterling Iron Works, praying that one hundred and fifty workmen employed at their Works may be exempt from serving in the Militia, was read.

Mr˙ Outwater, from the Committee appointed to confer with Captain Benson, reported, that Captain Benson says he has made a thorough search for the articles ordered by the Committee of Safety for fitting out the vessels preparing for Hudson' s River; that he requested to borrow the articles directed to be bought out of the Continental store at Poughkeepsie; that the sloops will be of no use but in the river, the beams of their decks not being substantial or strong enough to go to sea.

Ordered, That the consideration of said Report be deferred until Mr˙ John Jay is present.