Message from the Council


A Message from the major part of the honourable Council, by the Secretary:

"Gentlemen of the House of Representatives:

"The Council view with the deepest concern the unhappy dissension between them and the honourable House of Representatives, relative to the right of appointing the military officers in this Colony, and the growing ill consequences which necessarily result from such disunion.

"The Council have no desire unduly to extend and exercise the powers vested in them, and are far from having a disposition to altercate with the honourable House; they wish a coalition of sentiment with them in every point. No motive short of what appears to them to be their indispensable duty would be sufficient to induce them to claim an exclusive right of appointing such officers. Could they give it up consistent with the obligations they feel themselves under to adhere strictly to the Charter, as recommended by the honourable the American Congress, they would do it with pleasure.

"In order, therefore, to put an end to this dispute, and have it ascertained with whom is the right of appointing such officers, the Council propose and offer it for the consideration of the honourable House, that they immediately make a joint application to the honourable the American Congress, by whose advice and countenance this Colony have set up and now exercise the powers of Government, and to whose counsels it is necessary we should conform, for their determination thereon.

"Council Chamber, November 3, 1775."

Read, and Ordered, That Mr˙ Speaker, Major Hawley, Mr˙ Gerry, Colonel Grout, and Colonel Orne, with such as the honourable Board shall join, be a Committee to consider and report a method of appointing Officers in the Militia, that shall be agreeable to a Resolve of the Continental Congress, and best calculated to promote the interests of the Colony.

In Council, November 4, 1775: Read, and unanimously non-concurred.