Committee met at Harlem



Harlem, August 29, 1776.

The Committee of Safety met. Present: Abraham Yates, Jun˙, Esq˙, President, Colonel Cortlandt, Colonel Van Renselaer, Mr˙ Robert R˙ Livingston, Mr˙ Duer, Mr˙ Bleecker.

Colonel Phinehas Fanning waited on the Committee with a Letter from Colonel Josiah Smith, Colonel of the Draughts of the Militia of Suffolk, Queen' s, and King' s Counties, stationed at Brookland, in King' s County, informing the Committee that his Regiment is ordered by General Washington to withdraw from Long-Island and wait the further orders of the Convention of this State.

Thereupon, it was Ordered, That Colonel Josiah Smith do, with all possible despatch, march his Regiment to Horn' s Hook, there to receive further orders from Mr˙ Samuel Townsend and Major Lawrence, and that he apply to the Commissary-General for five days' provisions, and to the Quartermaster-General for baggage-wagons, it being of the


utmost consequence that this Regiment should march without delay.

And Resolved, That Mr˙ Samuel Townsend and Major Lawrence be requested and authorized to attend the Regiment commanded by Colonel Smith, in order to supply the said Regiment with provisions, and to devise the most safe and expeditious means of transporting the said Regiment from Long-Island; and that they be authorized and empowered to impress horses, wagons, boats, vessels, &c˙, for that purpose; for the payment of which, and every other necessary expense, this Committee pledge the publick faith.

Ordered, That the Treasurer of this State pay to Mr˙ Samuel Townsend and Major Lawrence the sum of £100, to be by them accounted for to the Convention of this State.

Resolved and Ordered, That the Brigadier-General or Commanding Officers of the Militia in the Counties of Orange, Ulster, Westchester, and Dutchess, do hold their Militia in readiness to march at a moment' s warning, with five days' provisions, and as much ammunition as possible; there being the greatest reason to imagine that the whole force of this State may in a few days be wanted to repel the invasion of our merciless and tyrannical enemy.

Ordered, That the Secretaries transmit certified copies of the aforegoing Resolution to the Brigadiers of the Counties therein mentioned, with the utmost despatch.

Resolved and Ordered, That Captain Sickles and twelve men keep guard this night at such places as the motions of the enemy can be best watched, and that he make return to this Committee of all such persons who shall refuse to obey.