Letter from Colonel Seymour to Governour Trumbull: He cannot proceed with the Light-Horse to New-York, and requests another may be appointed in his place



Hartford, July 4, 1776.

HONOURED SIR: I last evening received your Honour' s direction and order to march with the three regiments of Light-Horse to New-York, to succour our Army until the troops raising could arrive. In consequence thereof, I last night despatched orders to the Majors of the several regiments to proceed forthwith, and should have taken entire pleasure to have gone with them and served my country at this critical moment, but the particular circumstances of my family (Mrs˙ Seymour being near her time) must plead my excuse. I will, however, venture as far as New-Haven, and give them every encouragement in my power.

We shall set out from here to-morrow morning, and join Major Hart at New-Haven to-morrow evening. Shall wait the return of the bearer, and hope your Honour will think proper to supply my place with some other appointment; and am your Honour' s most obedient and humble servant,


To the Hon˙ Governour Trumbull, at Lebanon.