Meeting of the Inhabitants of Woodbridge, in Middlesex County, New-Jersey


At a Meeting of the above Committee of Observation for the Township of Woodbridge, the 10th day of January, 1775, pursuant to advertisement; present, sixteen members:

Ordered, That Ebenezer Foster, Esquire, Messrs˙ Jeremiah Manning, Matthias Baker, Ellis Barron, and John Conway, wait on Messrs˙ Joseph Shotwell and Sons, Merchants, immediately, and ask them if they are disposed to comply with the Association of the late Continental Congress, respecting the importation of Goods, it being represented that said Shotwell' s have imported sundry Goods since the first day of December last.

The Deputies aforesaid returned and reported to the body that they had waited on Messrs˙ Shotwell' s, according to appointment, who assured them "that all Goods imported by their house since the first of December, remained unopened as they came to hand;" but observed, "that as said Goods were imported into and entered at New-York, and had been under the inspection of the Committee for said City, they did not come under the inspection of this Committee, and requested the favourable construction of this body, and the inhabitants in general, respecting their conduct and answer. "The Committee, in consequence of said report, allow that the answer of Messrs˙ Shotwell' s is satisfactory; and are of opinion that any Goods or Merchandise imported into the City of New-York, which may even escape the notice of their Committee, are not subject to our inspection.

This Committee earnestly recommend to all Merchants and Retailers in this Township, to adhere strictly to the ninth Article of the Association respecting the sale of Goods.

And we do further recommend to all the inhabitants of this Township, a strict compliance with the eighth Article of the Association, respecting Frugality, Economy, and Industry, and the prohibition of all kinds of Gaming.

This Committee also taking into consideration the many pieces and pamphlets published by James Rivington, tending to frustrate and defame the proceedings of the late Continental Congress, and disunite, the Colonies, are of opinion that he is a person inimical to the liberties of this country, and as such ought to be discountenanced; we therefore do cordially recommend to all our constituents to drop his Paper and have no further dealings with him.

Voted, That these Proceedings be published in Messrs˙ Holt' s and Gaine' s Papers.

Signed by order of the Committee,