February 24


Saturday, February 24, 1776.

Council met. Present as yesterday.

Ordered, That the Treasurer of the Western-Shore pay to Mr˙ John Bullin twenty-nine Pounds twelve Shillings and two Pence, for twelve hundred and seventy-five pounds of Sulphur.

A Letter was received from Colonel George Dashiell and answered. (Vide No˙ 25.)

A Letter was received from the Committee of Correspondence for Queen Anne' s County, and answered. (Vide No˙ 26.)

Also, a copy of a Letter, (No˙ 27,) sent to Colonel Peter Waters, of Somerset County.

Commissions issued to Plumer Williams, Captain, Benjamin Schoolfield, First Lieutenant, Ebenezer Finley, Second Lieutenant, and Thomas Williams, Ensign, of a Company of Militia in Somerset County.

Also, to William Fountain, Captain, Daniel Maddux, First Lieutenant, Staughton Maddux, Second Lieutenant, and Collin Fountain, Ensign, of a Company of Militia in said County, both belonging to the Seventeenth Battalion.


A Letter was received from Captain James Hindman, and answered. (Vide No˙ 28.)

Mr˙ Hall has leave of absence.

Council adjourns to Baltimore Town, till Monday next.