William Miller, Deputy Chairman of the Westchester Committee


The Petition of fifteen Prisoners confined in the Jail at White-Plains, presented by Mr˙ Miller, Deputy Chairman of Westchester County, wherein they represent that they are confined as persons dangerous to the safety of the State, and being desirous of being enlarged, they are willing to bind themselves either to aid in repelling the enemies of the State when necessary, or surrender themselves into the custody of any Jailer, as this or any future Convention or Legislature may direct, was read.

Whereupon Mr˙ Miller was called in and examined as to the said fifteen Prisoners, and testified in regard to them respectively, as follows, viz: Joshua Purdy has never been friendly to the American cause, is a man of influence, and towards whom lenity would be advisable. Gabriel Purdy has acted unfriendly to the cause of America. Caleb Morgan he does not know, but has heard he is a Tory. Of Wm˙ Barker, John Mc Cord, John Bailey, Bartw˙ Haynes, and Joseph Purdy, he knows nothing favourable. Gilbert Horton is a man of no influence. Isaac Browne has been neutral. Josiah Browne says he will join in the defence of the State, and has generally understood that he was a Whig. Edmund Ward he don' t know. Samuel Merrit has been active against, and Jonathan Purdy has been publickly inciting others to act against us. And as to Philip Fowler, he is reputed a bad man. Which information being considered, the question was put, "Shall any of the Prisoners be released?" and passed in the negative, in manner following, that is to say:

For the Negative. 4 Ulster.
2 Charlotte.
6 Albany.
8 New-York.
2 Cumberland.
22 votes.

For the Affirmative. 4 Westchester.
4 Queen' s.
8 votes.

Suffolk only 2 Members, no vote.

Resolved, That the Committee of Safety of Westchester County be empowered, if they shall think it consistent with the safety, or conducive to the advantage of the State, to release Joshua Purdy, Isaac Browne, and Josiah Browne.

The Credentials of King' s County was again taken into consideration and read, and the further consideration thereof deferred till the morning.