Captain George Stricker' s Company ordered to march immediately to their station at Annapolis The Regular Forces at Annapolis to be armed as quick as possible


Wednesday, March 6, 1776.

Council met. Present as yesterday.

Ordered, That Captain George Stricker' s Company of


Light Infantry Immediately march to their station at the City of Annapolis.

Ordered, That the Treasurer of the Western-Shore pay to the Clerk twenty Pounds, to pay expenses and for other purposes; and that he render an account thereof.

Commissions issued to James Brice, appointed Captain, St˙ George Peale, First Lieutenant, Frederick Green, Second Lieutenant, Nicholas Maccubbin, Jun˙, Ensign, of an Independent Company in the City of Annapolis.

Ordered, That the Treasurer of the Western-Shore pay to Charles Wallace, Esquire, one hundred and fifty Pounds, currency, for money advanced by him to Captain Barton Lucas for inlistments and subsist money, on his producing said Lucas' s receipt for that sum, and lodging the same with the Treasurer.

Adjourned till three o' clock, and met pursuant to adjournment.

The publick service requiring that the Regular forces now in Annapolis be armed as quick as possible,

Ordered, That Captain William Hyde deliver up to Major Thomas Price the eighty stands of publick Arms now in the possession of the said Captain Hyde, or of his Company of Militia, together with all things belonging to the said eighty stands of Arms; and that a receipt be given by the said Major Thomas Price, for the same, or such part thereof as may be delivered; and that said Major Thomas Price, return a list to the Council of what Arms he may receive.

Copies of Letter No˙ 31 were sent to the several Committees of Observation for Frederick County, respectively.

Adjourned till next day, nine o' clock.