John McDonald


The case of Captain John Wisner, stated, is as follows, to wit:

That he had inlisted about twenty Riflemen in Orange County, and about twenty at Susquehannah: that the men in Orange County, through means of the Committee, have inlisted in the Militia; that he has been ordered by the Field-Officers of the Militia of Orange County, with a Lieutenant, to raise thirty-eight men of the Militia for the present service; that he has inlisted upwards of forty men; that by a letter from H˙ Wisner, Esq˙, he has permission to fill up that Company, but that without part of the bounty he cannot supply his men with arms.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Socket and Mr˙ Tredwell be a Committee to report thereon, with all convenient speed.

The Committee took into consideration Accounts and papers of John McDonald, presented on Saturday last; and

Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Committee that John McDonald, Miner, should be authorized to prosecute the exploring the Lead Mine in the Great Nine-Partners of Ezra Thomson, Esq˙, till further orders from this Convention or a future Legislature of this Stale, on the same condition he was before employed to work in said Mine; and that he report his proceedings monthly to the Convention or Legislature of this State.

The Committee took into consideration the apparent advantage to the safety of this State to have the obstructions of the navigation of Hudson' s River fully completed.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Duer be, and is hereby, authorized and requested immediately to consult with his Excellency General Washington on the subject of aiding him to obstruct the navigation of Hudson' s River, opposite to Mount Washington, and, if the General shall approve of the measure, that he be authorized to cooperate with his Excellency, and pursue such measures as may be necessary for that purpose; and if Mr˙ Duer think it necessary, he may despatch S˙ Dyckman, the Messenger, to any plate where he shall think proper.

A Letter from General Morris, dated yesterday, at New-Rochelle, was read. He signifies his opinion that it would be most prudent to discharge the Militia of his Brigade at present, with orders to hold themselves in readiness to march on the first notice.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Jos˙ Smith inquire of his Excellency General Washington whether the discharge of that Brigade at present will interfere with any plan which he has laid, or directions which he may have given, for the defence of that


part of the County, and if their discharge will not interfere with such plan or direction, that they be discharged.