Committees in the several Counties appointed to collect Gold and Silver for the operations in Canada


Which were read,
and thereupon

Resolved, That Messieurs John Moale, Samuel Purviance, and William Lux, and each of them, be appointed to collect all the Gold and Silver Coin that can be procured in Baltimore County, to comply with the Resolve of Congress;


Messieurs Aquila Hall, Richard Dallam, and Aquila Faca, in Harford County;

Messieurs Henry Griffith, William Baird, John Hanson, Jun˙, and Michael Rayner, in Frederick County;

Messieurs Charles Carroll (of Carrollton,) Thomas Dorsey, and John Weems, in Anne Arundel County;

Messieurs Thomas Contee, Stephen West, and William Turner Wootton, in Prince George' s County;

Messieurs Robert Townsend Hooe, John Dent, and Samuel Love, in Charles County;

Messieurs Benjamin Mackall 4th, Alexander Somerville, and Patrick Sim Smith, in Calvert County;

Colonel George Plater, Richard Barnes, and Hanson Briscoe, in St˙ Mary' s County;

Messieurs Peter Chaille, Samuel Handy, and John Done, in Worcester County;

Messieurs George Dashiell, Samuel Willson, and William Adams, in Somerset County;

Messieurs Henry Dickinson, William Richardson, and Benjamin Stainton, in Caroline County;

Messieurs William Ennals, James Murray, and Henry Steele, in Dorchester County;

Messieurs James Lloyd Chamberlaine, Edward Lloyd, and Greenbury Goldsborough, in Talbot County;

Messieurs Turbutt Wright, William Hemsley, and Samuel Thompson, Jun˙, in Queen Anne' s County;

Messieurs Thomas Ringgold, Joseph Earle, and William Ringgold, in Kent County;

Messieurs Joseph Gilpin, William Rumsey, and Henry Ward Pearce, in Cecil County.