Thanks of the Council sent to the several Brigadier-Generals


Saturday, March 16, 1776.

Council met. Present as yesterday, except Mr˙ Jenifer.

Commissions issued to Robert Bowie, First Lieutenant, William A˙ Dorsett, Second Lieutenant, and Thomas Hoye, Ensign of a Company of Militia in Prince George' s County.


Also, to William Ringgold, appointed Captain, Charles Cook, First Lieutenant, James Stinson, Second Lieutenant, and Thomas Bailey, Ensign, of a Company of Militia in Queen Anne' s County.

Commissions issued to John Costen, appointed Captain, John Fisher, First Lieutenant, Andrew Sylvester, Second Lieutenant, and Henry Pratt, Jun˙, Ensign, of a Company of Militia in said County.

Commissions issued to James Boardley, appointed Captain, John Kent, First Lieutenant, James Earle, Second Lieutenant, and Nathan Brown, Ensign, of a Company of Militia in said County.

Also, to Nathaniel Wright, appointed Captain, George Hanson, First Lieutenant, Thomas Emory, Second Lieutenant, and Peter Hitch, Ensign, of a Company of Militia in said County.

Ordered, That the Treasurer of the Western-Shore pay to John Nichols five Pounds, currency, for two and a half days' Wagon-hire.

Ordered, That said Treasurer pay to Lieutenant John Stewart two hundred Pounds, currency, on account of Captain Thomas' s Company.

The thanks of the Council were sent to the several Brigadier-Generals, respectively. (Vide No˙ 61.)

Resolved, That as the exigencies may sometimes require that the Militia should be called into service before it can be convenient for the Brigadier-General of the Upper District of the Eastern-Shore to receive particular orders from the Council of Safety; and as no Field-Officers have been appointed to the command of the several Battalions of Militia in Kent County, it is recommended that the Committee of Observation for said County, until Field-Officers be appointed for the same, direct and regulate the operations of the Militia of the said County, in repelling any sudden attack or invasion, where circumstances will not admit of their applying to the Council of Safety or Brigadier-General of the Upper District for the Eastern-Shore; as they shall think most proper for the defence of said County; but it is requested that neither the said Brigadier-General or the said Committee proceed to act without receiving their orders from the Council of Safety or the said Committee, or without having their instructions from the Council or said Brigadier, where the circumstances of the case will admit an application for such orders or instructions without hazarding the publick safety. And that in all instances where the said Brigadier shall act without particular instructions, that he immediately convey intelligence of the cause and manner of their proceedings to the Council; and where the said Committee act without applying to the Council or the said Brigadier, that they also communicate, with the utmost despatch, the cause and manner of their proceedings to the Council, as well as to the said Brigadier, where it may be conveniently done. And the Militia of the said County are required to obey all such orders as shall be made by the said Brigadier or the said Committee in pursuance of this Resolve.

Copy of Letter No˙ 62 was sent to the Deputies in Congress.

The gentlemen appointed the 21st of January last to make a Chart of the Land and Water at the mouth of this River, specifying the width and depth of the Channel between Horn-Point and Greenbury' s Point, returned a Chart thereof, and delivered the same to the Council; which was ordered to lie on the table.