Report of the Committee on the dangerous consequences of the small-pox spreading in the Colony


Whereas the Congress of the Colony of New-York, now convened in the City of New-York, have taken into consideration the dangerous consequences of the Small-Pox spreading in this Colony, especially as great numbers of the Army have not had it: To prevent the same as much as possible, we do

Resolve, That no Doctor, or any other person or persons whatsoever, do presume at any time or times hereafter, to inoculate any person or persons with the Small-Pox within this Colony.

And it is further

Resolved, That if any person or persons shall presume to inoculate any person or persons within this Colony, and shall be thereof convicted before any Committee of the respective Counties within this Colony, such person or persons so convicted shall, for every offence, forfeit the sum of dollars, to be paid to and applied by the Churchwardens or Overseers of the Poor for the County in which such convictions shall happen, to the use of the poor of the said County; the said Churchwardens or Overseers accounting, from time to time, to the said Committee for the sums by them so received, and the manner in which they shall apply and expend the same. And in case such person or persons, so offending and found guilty as aforesaid, shall refuse to pay the penalty inflicted as aforesaid, he, she, or they, so offending, shall be imprisoned until he, she, or they pay the same.

Which is humbly submitted to Congress by their Committee.