Committee to Report


Mr˙ L' Hommedieu moved, and was seconded, that his Excellency General Washington be acquainted that the Committee of Southold, at the east end of Nassau-Island, have mounted four cannon as field-pieces, viz: three six-pounders and one three-pounder, to prevent depredations of the enemy along the Sound, and to enable the inhabitants to make a stand at certain passes; and that his Excellency be requested to send a sufficiency of powder, ball, and cartridge-paper, for the said cannon, to the care of Colonel Livingston; and that Colonel Teircy be directed to except such number of men from the common militia duty as will be sufficient to manage said cannon, they keeping a number of horses ready to remove the said cannon to such places as shall be necessary.

The said motion was unanimously agreed to.

Ordered, That Mr˙ R˙ R˙ Livingston, Mr˙ Schenck, Colonel Broome, Colonel Remsen, and Mr˙ Duer, be added to the Committee of this morning, to whom was referred the Letter from Kingston, received and read this morning.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Hobart, Mr˙ Dearing, Mr˙ L' Hommedieu, Mr˙ Miller, Mr˙ W˙ Smith, Mr˙ Van Wyck, and Mr˙ Samuel Townsend, be a Committee to report ways and means for the sale of fat Cattle on Nassau and Shelter Islands.

A Letter from Captain Crigier, dated the 23d instant, about his Privateer, was read.

Ordered, That a copy of the Letter from Erastus Wolcott, dated New-London, August 24, 1776, be immediately transmitted by express to Brigadier-General Woodhull, and that he be requested to cause all the Stock on the sea-coast of Long-Island, which are most exposed to the enemy' s depredations, to be drove with all possible despatch so far into the interior part of the country as to be out of danger from the enemy.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Duer, Mr˙ R˙ R˙ Livingston, Mr˙ W˙ Smith, Mr˙ Hobart, Mr˙ James Townsend, Mr˙ Dearing, and Mr˙ Tredwell, or any five of them, be a Committee of Safety until the next adjournment, or until there shall be members sufficient to form a Convention, and that all members who attend be members and have votes.

Ordered, That the Committee appointed to report a form of Government postpone their Report until Wednesday next.