June 20


NEW-YOKK, June 20, 1776. — Yesterday, agreeable to a Resolve of the Provincial Congress, of the 31st of March last, were elected for this City and County, the following gentlemen to serve in Congress the ensuing year, with the additional power of forming a new Government for this Colony. They, with the Deputies for the other Counties, are to meet in Congress here on the second Monday in July next.

John Jay,
James Duane,
Philip Livingston,
Francis Lewis,
Isaac Stoutenburgh,
William Denning,
Abraham Brasher,
Henry Remsen,
John Van Cortlandt,
John M˙ Scott,
James Beekman,
Anthony Rutgers,
Evert Bancker,
Thomas Randall,
Isaac Roosevelt,
John Broome,
Peter P˙ Van Zandt,
Garret Abeel,
Robert Harpur,
Abraham P˙ Lott,
Daniel Dunscomb.