April 6


"IN CONGRESS, April 6th, 1776. — Resolved, That any Goods, Wares, and Merchandises, except Staves and empty Casks, other than shaken or knocked down Casks for Molasses, may be exported from the thirteen United Colonies by the inhabitants thereof, and by the people of all such countries as are not subject to the King of Great Britain, to any parts of the world which are not under the dominion of the said King: Provided, That no vessel be permitted to export any greater number of shaken or knocked down Molasses Casks than the same vessel is capable of carrying when they shall be filled with Molasses.

"Resolved, That any Goods, Wares, and Merchandises, except such as are of the growth, production, or manufacture of, or brought from, any country under the dominion of the King of Great Britain, and except East-India Tea, may be imported from any other parts of the world to the thirteen United Colonies by the inhabitants thereof, and by the people of all such countries as are not subject to the said King, liable, however, to all such duties and impositions as now are, or may hereafter be, laid by any of the said Colonies.

"Resolved, That nothing herein contained shall be understood to prevent such future commercial regulations as shall he thought just and necessary by these United Colonies or their respective Legislatures,

"Resolved, That no Slaves be imported into any of the thirteen, United Colonies.

"Resolved, That it be recommended to the Assemblies and Conventions in the several Colonies to appoint proper


officers, at convenient places in their respective Colonies, to take bonds in adequate penalties for observing the regulations made by the Congress, or Assemblies or Conventions concerning Trade, and for securing the observation of such parts of the Association as are not inconsistent therewith, and that the obligator shall, within eighteen months after the departure of the vessel, produce to such officers a certificate, under the hands and seals of three or more reputable merchants residing at the port or place where the cargo shall be delivered, that the same was there unladed, and take manifests, upon oath, of the cargoes exported and imported, and keep fair accounts and entries thereof; give bills of health when desired; grant registers showing the property of the vessels cleared out; and sign certificates that the requisites for qualifying vessels to trade have been complied with; and that the fees of the said officers be stated by the respective Assemblies or Conventions: Provided always, That no prosecution upon any of the said bonds shall be commenced but within three years after the date thereof.

"Resolved, That all Goods, Wares, and Merchandise, except such as are made prize of, which shall be imported directly or indirectly from Great Britain and Ireland into any of these United Colonies, contrary to the regulations established by Congress, shall be forfeited and disposed of agreeable to such rules as shall be made by the several Assemblies or Conventions, and shall be liable to prosecution and condemnation in any court erected, or to be erected, for the determination of maritime affairs in the Colony where the seizure shall be made.

"Extract from the Minutes: