William Lux


Mr˙ William Lux was requested to purchase up, for the use of the Troops in this Province, all the coarse Cloths in Baltimore Town; also, Blankets and Plush for Breeches; and make report of the quantity and price to the Council of Safety, with all convenient speed.

Mr˙ Lux delivers to the Council the following propositions:

"The Pilot-Boat Chatham is bound for Statia, with money to purchase goods, to the amount of three thousand Pounds, or more, to the consignment of Mr˙ Thomas Russell, who goes out in her. The boat is valued at three hundred Pounds; and each shipper is to pay in proportion to the amount of his property in case she is lost. Mr˙ Russell will take one hundred barrels light Flour, on account of the Province, at six Shillings per barrel, and they to pay their proportion of the value of the vessel in case of loss.


Which was read and agreed to.

Instructions were accordingly given to Captain Thomas Russell.