July 8


Monday, July 8, 1776.

A Letter of the 4th, from General Washington, and one of the 6th, from the Convention of New-Jersey, were laid before Congress, and read.

Resolved, That the Secret Committee be directed to send four tons of Powder, and a sufficient quantity of Cartridge-Paper, to General Mercer, for the use of the Flying-Camp.

Resolved, That an Order for 20,000 Dollars be drawn on the Treasurers, in favour of James Mease; he to be accountable.

A Letter of this day, from Mrs˙ Connolly, was laid before Congress and read.

Resolved, That it be referred to the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania, and that it be recommended to said Committee to make proper provision for Mrs˙ Connolly till further order of Congress.

Resolved, That the Commanding Officer of the Military Associators of Philadelphia be directed not to order Captain Peters out of the City, as his service and attendance is necessary in the War Office.

Resolved, That the Postmasters, while in office, be excused from all military duty.


A Letter of the 4th, from the Convention of Maryland, enclosing Resolutions for raising three thousand four hundred men for the Flying-Camp, was received and read.

Resolved, That Major-General Gates be informed that it was the intention of Congress to give him the command of the Troops whilst in Canada, but that they had no design to vest him with a superior command to General Schuyler whilst the Troops should be on this side Canada; and that the President write to Major-General Schuyler and Major-General Gates, stating this matter, and recommending to them to carry on the military operations with harmony, and in such a manner as shall best promote the publick service.

That a copy of the foregoing Resolution be transmitted to General Washington.

The Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania, having recommended Daniel Burkhard, George Hubley, Jacob Bunner, and Benjamin Weiser, to be Captains of the four Companies of Germans to be raised in that State:

Resolved, That they be approved, and that Commissions be granted to them accordingly.

The Board of War brought in a Report, which was taken into consideration:

Whereupon, Resolved, That General Washington be vested with discretionary power to call to his assistance, at New-York, such of the Continental Regiments in the Massachusetts-Bay as have not already received orders to march to Ticonderoga, and that the General Court of that State, be requested to supply their places with Militia, if they think it expedient:

That General Washingtonhave permission to call forth and engage in the service of the United States so many Indians of the St˙ John' s, Nova-Scotia, and Penobscot Tribes as he shall judge necessary; and that he be desired to write to the General Court of the Massachusetts-Bay, requesting their aid in this business, and informing them that Congress will reimburse such expenses as may be necessarily incurred in consequence of the foregoing Resolution:

That the Commissary-General have full power to supply both Armies, that upon the Lakes as well as that at New-York, and also to appoint and employ such persons under him and to remove any Deputy-Commissary as he shall judge proper and expedient, it being absolutely necessary that the supply of both Armies should be under one direction.

The Congress then proceeded to the election of a Deputy Quartermaster-General for the Flying-Camp; and, the ballots being taken, Clement Biddle was elected Deputy Quartermaster-General for the Flying-Camp and for the Militia of Pennsylvania and New-Jersey, ordered to rendezvous at Trenton.

Resolved, That to-morrow be assigned for the election of a Deputy Mustermaster-General for the Flying-Camp and Militia aforesaid.

Resolved, That the Committee for providing Medicines be directed to supply the Militia aforesaid with a sufficient quantity of suitable Medicines.

Resolved, That an Order for 60,000 Dollars be drawn on the Treasurers, in favour of the Delegates of Georgia, for the use of the Continental Battalions, the State of Georgia to be accountable.

Resolved, That General Washington be empowered to appoint suitable places of rendezvous for the new Battalions raising for Canada, and communicate the same to the Assemblies of New-Hampshire, Massachusetts-Bay, Connecticut, and New-York; also, to issue his orders for supplying the men with Rations, Tents, a month' s Pay advance, and other necessaries.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Mease be directed to advance one month' s Pay to such of the Militia as will engage to serve in the Flying-Camp.

Resolved, That an Order for 5,000 Dollars be drawn on the Treasurers in favour of Mr˙ George Evans, Contractor for supplying the Delaware Battalion, he to be accountable.

A Letter of the 5th, from the Committee of Safety of Sussex, in Delaware Government, with sundry papers enclosed, was laid before Congress and read.

Resolved, That the same be referred to the Delegates of Maryland and Delaware.

Adjourned to nine o' clock, to-morrow.