Commission of Colonel Snider, appointed to command the detachment to reinforce the garrisons in the Highlands, (note)


Whereas the Convention of the Representatives of this State, did, on the 7th instant, order a draft of a Commission to be prepared for the Field Officers of the Detachment of the Militia of Ulster, Orange, Dutchess, and Albany, to reinforce the Garrisons of the Fortifications in the Highlands; which draft of a Commission has remained several days, but there has not since been a representation of this State in Convention, to approve of the same. And whereas it is


necessary for the despatch of those Detachments that a Commission issue to Johannes Snider, Esq˙, the Colonel appointed by Convention to command the same; and the said draft of a Commission and an engrossed copy thereof, has been read and approved by this Committee:

Therefore, from the necessity of the case, Ordered, That the President sign, and that one of the Secretaries attest the said engrossed copy of a Commission for Colonel Snider, and that it be forwarded to him by Egbert Dumond, Esq.

Which was done accordingly.