Warrant for impressing four sloops


A Warrant for impressing Sloops was sent to General James Clinton, in the words following, to wit:

"SIR: You are hereby required, authorized,and empowered, to proceed with a whale-boat, well manned, towards New-York, and impress the first four large convenient river sloops you meet with, and send them (in pursuance of a request of his Excellency General Washington,) to the city of New-York, to remove "the sick from the Hospitals there to Orange-Town, in the County of Orange; for which purpose you will direct the captains of the said sloops respectively, on their arrival at New-York, to inform General Washington of their arrival, and to apply to Doctor Morgan, the Director-General of the Hospital, for further orders, for which this shall be your sufficient warrant.

"By order of the Committee:

"ABM˙ YATES, Jun˙, President.

"To such Officer as General James Clinton shall appoint to execute this Warrant."

Ordered, That Mr˙ McKesson pay the bearer of the above Letter and Warrant eight shillings, to engage them to make despatch.