Letter from the Maryland Council of Safety to Colonel Kent, offering him the command of the Colony ship Defence, Captain Nicholson having been appointed to the command of one of the Continental frigates



[No˙ 61.] Annapolis, July 6, 1776.

SIR: Captain Nicholson being appointed to the command of one of the Continental frigates, renders it necessary that some gentleman should be commissioned to fill the department he acted in on board the ship Defence. The subalterns, though otherwise very clever, want experience; and as we have been advised by Captain Nicholson you had sailed in a vessel of force, and probably would accept the command of our ship, and as we were well satisfied of your zeal, activity, and prudence, we moved and obtained liberty from the Convention to propose it to you to take the command of the Defence. You will please to favour us with your answer immediately, and signify to us whether you will accept it. We wish you to receive the commission, and leave it to yourself to determine if it will not be better to accept the command, which probably will have continuance, than of the battalion, which will be disbanded the 1st of December.

We are, &c.

To Colonel James Kent.