Information given by a Hessian deserter


The copy of the Information given by a Hessian Deserter was again read and filed.

The Examination of Anthony Fasselabend, of Colonel Riedesel' s Regiment of Dragoons, who deserted at Montreal, the 24th of june, with nineteen others, but does not know what became of them: Says, that in February, two thousand Hessians, and three thousand Brunswickers, and three thousand Westphalians, the latter all Roman Catholicks, embarked on board forty-six Dutch vessels, at Stade, in Hanover, and sailed for America; that forty-three of these arrived at Quebeck the 27th May, the other three being blown off from the fleet in a storm about Easter, and supposed to be lost. That some time in June the whole marched for Montreal, where they arrived the latter end of the same month. That five hundred of the Westphalians and Brunswick troops were drafted as dragoons, horses purchased in Canada, and daily training for that purpose. Five hundred more were drafted as riflemen. The whole are new recruite from sixteen to twenty-two years of age, quartered at Langville, opposite Montreal, under the command of Colonel Belnitz, of the Brunswick troop. That at Quebeck, ten of the Germans had deserted. One was afterwards, at Langville, ordered to run the gauntlet through three hundred men; but the whole of the German troops mutinied, owing to their not receiving their pay and provisions promised ' em, refused to inflict the punishment, and were going to murder the General, but Colonel Btlnitz quieted them with promises of their receiving their allowances regularly for the future. That he understood all the Germans were to return about Michaelmas, and that the English and Canadians amounted to about five thousand men.

September 5, 1776.