Nicholas Quackenbush to Judge Duer



Peekskill, December 1, 1776.

SIR: Major Hughes has desired me to send to you for three hundred bushels of oats, which are exceedingly wanted at his post.

Two divisions of the Army are now coming here, and Mr˙ Pemart assures me that there is not a sufficiency of hay to last two days; and as for grain, there is not more than three hundred bushels of corn in all the stores. You must be sensible of the difficulties that will ensue from the scarcity of forage at this time. Teams must stop, every thing remain in a confused state, and all owing to the want of hay and grain. I beg, therefore, (in behalf of Mr˙ Hughes,) that you would please to order large quantities of both to be forwarded immediately to this place.

I am, with due respect, sir, your very humble servant,


To Honourable Judge Duer.