Resolutions of the House of Representatives of Massachusetts



The honourable House of Representatives, before they proceeded to business in Salem, on Wednesday, 8th June, 1774, came into the following Resolutions, and ordered the same to be entered on their Journals, viz:

Resolved, That by the Royal Charter of this Province, the power of convening, proroguing, and adjourning the Great and General Court of Assembly from time to time, is vested in the Governour, to be exercised as he shall judge necessary and for the good of the people. Therefore,

Resolved, That it is clearly the opinion of this House, that whensoever the Governour of this Province doth convene or hold the General Assembly at any time or place unnecessarily, or merely in obedience to an instruction, and without exercising that judgment and discretion of his own, with which by Charter he is specially vested for the good of the Province, it is manifestly inconsistent with the letter as well as the intention and spirit of the Charter.

Resolved, That the town of Boston hath, from the earliest times of this Province, been judged, and still is on various accounts, the most convenient place for holding the General Assembly; and accordingly, ample provision is there made for the accommodation of the said General Assembly, at a very great expense to the people of this Province.

Resolved, As the clear opinion of this House, that the General Assembly cannot be removed from its ancient seat, the Court House in Boston, and held in any other place, without great and manifold inconveniences to the members thereof, and injury and damage of those who have necessary business to transact with the said General Assembly; many of which inconveniences have been clearly stated, and expressed by former Houses of Representatives, as appear by their Journal.

Resolved, That this House can see no necessity for the removal of the General Assembly from its ancient and only convenient place, the Court House in Boston, to the town of Salem; and the removal of the said Assembly from the Court. House in Boston without necessity, is at all times considered to be a very great grievance.