Examination of Captain Payne


Captain Brinton Payne' s Examination relative to John Woolly being taken, is as follows, to wit:

"The examinant having observed that a boat went from the house of one Woolly, on Long-Island, to the ships of the enemy, took with him a party of men on the night of the 29th of August instant, and crossed the Sound to the house of the said Woolly; that having paraded his men, as they were going toward the river they were met by John Woolly, who is the owner of the above-mentioned boat, as this examinant has been informed, and another person, whose name he has forgot; that he imagines from their conduct they mistook him for persons belonging to the ships; that he charged him with having been on board; that Woolly owned he had been on board, but alleged that he had been taken by the barge of the enemy' s ships; that they refused to give to this examinant any information of the state of the shipping.