Extract of a Letter from General Greene


Extract of a Letter from General Greene, dated July 4, 1776.

General Scott being appointed to examine prisoners, I this morning sent four that were taken last night at the Narrows. The following is a copy of their examination. They were taken separate, and agreed in their account in everything except the number of men. The Captain' s account was the least, and, I believe, the rightest, and I apprehend not much from the truth.

The fleet sailed from Halifax the 10th of June, and arrived the 29th. The fleet consisted of one hundred and twenty sail of topsail vessels, and they have on board one thousand troops received at Halifax, besides some of the Scotch Brigade that have joined the fleet on the passage. The troops from the West-Indies joined the Army at Halifax, and were there received with them.

A list of the Generals: Howe, Pigot, Percy, Grant, and Jones.

A list of the ships of force: Asia 64, Centurion 50, Chatham 50, Phenix 40, Greyhound 30, Rose 20, Swan 16, Senegal 16.

Four days before the fleet sailed from Halifax, a packet


arrived from England, that brought an account of Admiral Howe' s sailing, with a fleet of one hundred and fifty sail, on board of which were twenty thousand troops; the fleet sailed a few days before the packet; they are expected in here every day.

General Carleton' s Regiment went from Halifax to Quebeck; the Niger ship that went from Halifax in April to Canada, met Burgoyne going up the river, with thirty-six transports, and six thousand troops on board.

General Carleton' s son went into Quebeck painted like an Indian.

The people of Staten-Island went on board the fleet as they lay at the Hook, several boat loads of them.