Committee to confer with General Washington


Major Lockwood informed the Committee that the enemy' s ships are at White-Stone.

Thereupon, Resolved and Ordered, That Mr˙ Hobart and Mr˙ R˙ R˙ Livingston be a Committee to wait on his Excellency General Washington, and confer with him relative to the state of Nassau-Island, and what measures may be necessary for distressing the enemy thereon, or defending or removing the inhabitants; and that they report the result of their deliberations thereon to this Committee or the Convention of this State.

A Letter from Captain Denning was read, dated this day.

Ordered, That Captain Rutgers be requested immediately to proceed to the City of New-York, and afford all possible aid, attention, direction, and assistance, in stopping or impeding the navigation of the East-River, and that he employ all such persons as he shall think proper, to give him aid.

Mr˙ Dearing chosen Chairman unanimously, in the room of Mr˙ Hobart.

Ordered, That copies of the Resolution and Letter of yesterday, to General Woodhull, be made and sent by the express going to Long-Island.

On motion of Mr˙ Duer,

Resolved, unanimously, That Colonel Drake or the next commanding officer of the Westchester Militia, do immediately call out as many of the Militia, with five days' provisions, as he shall think sufficient to watch the motions of the enemy' s ships now in the Sound, and to prevent all communication with the disaffected inhabitants in said County; and that he send notice, from time to time, to the Convention of every remarkable occurrence; and for that purpose, that he is hereby empowered to press Horses when he shall think it necessary.

Ordered, That the Secretary enclose a copy thereof in a Letter to Colonel Drake.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Newkirk take that Letter and show it to the Commanding Officer at Horn' s Hook.

The application of Mr˙ Jonathan Plait, for some Commissions for Officers in Colonel Thomas' s Regiment, was read.