Colonel Fleming attended the Congress with the thanks of General Putnam for their commitment of Doctor Azor Belts, and requests permission to publish their order on that subject


Die Martis, 9 ho˙ A˙ M˙, May 28, 1776.

The Congress met pursuant to adjournment.

Present: Brigadier-General Woodhull, President.

FOR NEW-YORK. — Mr˙ Randall, Mr˙ Petrus Van Zandt, Mr˙ Jay, Mr˙ Alsop, Mr˙ Beekman, Colonel Broome, Colonel Remsen, Mr˙ Scott, Mr˙ Sands.

FOR ALBANY. — Mr˙ Cuyler, Mr˙ Glenn.

FOR DUTCHESS. — Mr˙ Livingston, Mr˙ De Lavergne.


FOR WESTCHESTER. — Mr˙ Morris, Mr˙ Tompkins, Mr˙ Haviland, Mr˙ Paulding.

FOR QUEEN' S. — Colonel Blackwell, Captain Lawrence, Mr˙ Smith.

FOR ULSTER. — Colonel Hasbrouck, Mr˙ Brewster, Mr˙ Cantine, Major Parks.

FOR TRYON. — Mr˙ Moore, Mr˙ Harper.

FOR SUFFOLK. — General Woodhull, Mr˙ Wickham, Mr˙ Gelston.

FOR ORANGE. — Mr˙ Haring, Mr˙ Little.

FOR KING' S. — Mr˙ Polhemus.

FOR RICHMOND. — Mr˙ Cortelyou, Mr˙ Journey.

FOR CHARLOTTE. — Mr˙ Webster, Colonel Malcom.

A Letter from Petrus Schoonmaker, Captain of a Company of Militia in Colonel Pawling' s Regiment, of Ulster County. He complains that the Committee have not given him his proper rank in the Regiment; therefore has returned his Commission to the Congress.

Ordered, That the foregoing Letter be referred to the Deputies for Ulster County.

A Letter from Lieutenant Jacob Lawrence, of a Minute Company in Ulster County. He informs Congress that himself, Ensign Dunn, and Sergeant Lane, marched eight days, through four different Precincts, to fetch seventeen of their men to go to Fort Montgomery; for which they have not been paid.

Ordered, To lie on the table for the perusal of the Members.

A Letter from Paul Micheau, Esquire, of Richmond County, setting forth that his bad state of health renders it impossible for him to attend Congress as Deputy from said County.

Postponed for consideration.

Mr˙ Smith informed Congress that Captain Baylie' s Company of Militia, and also some of the Minute-men in the Township of Jamaica, stood in great need of some Gunpowder, and requested that a small quantity be ordered to be delivered to the General Committee of Queen' s County, to be dealt out among the men of the said Company.

Thereupon, Ordered, That Mr˙ Norwood, Commissary of Colony Stores, deliver to Captain Ephraim Baylie one hundred weight of Gunpowder, and take his receipt for the same.

And Ordered, That Captain Baylie deliver the said Gunpowder to the County Committee of Queen' s County, who are requested to distribute the same to the Minute-men and Militia of the said County, who may appear to the said Committee to be well affected to the American cause; the said County Committee to stand charged for said Powder at the rate of £25 per hundred; and the Chairman is requested to take care that the sum of £25 be remitted to this Congress, or their Treasurer, for said Gunpowder.

Colonel Fleming attending, was admitted. He returned General Putnam' s thanks for the exertions of this Congress, and the General Committee of the City, for their commitment


of Doctor Azor Betts, and their extraordinary exertions to prevent the spreading of the Small-Pox among the Continental Army. And he requested to know whether this Congress will consent that he publish the copy of the determination of the City Committee and of this Congress on that subject.

The Congress returned their thanks to General Putnam for his polite message, and will send him an answer as to publishing the determination of the Committee and Report of this Congress.

The Order of the Day being read, the Congress proceeded to hear the Report of the Committee on General Washington' s two Letters on the subject of having a part of the Militia at all times ready on any alarm to join the Continental Troops; which was read.

Ordered, That it be postponed till the afternoon.

A Letter from Captain Cornelius Steenrod, dated this day, was read and filed. He therein mentions that he did not receive his Warrant to inlist a Company in the Continental service until the 27th of last month, but had engaged many of his men on the 9th day of the month. That about twenty of the said men have refused, and still do refuse, to join the Company, unless they be allowed pay from that day. Ho also informs that two of his men are confined under guard by Captain Hobby, as persons who have also inlisted in his Company. And Captain Steenrod requests the direction of this Congress in the premises.

The Congress are of opinion that Captain Steenrod ought not to receive pay for any of the men in his Company prior to the date of his Warrant; and for such of his men who inlisted after the date of his Warrant, only from the time of their respective inlistment.

Ordered, That one of the Secretaries write a Letter to Captain Steenrod to this effect.

Mr˙ James Livingston and Dr˙ Benjamin De Lavergne, two Members from Dutchess County, having this morning attended and taken their seats, the said two gentlemen, at the Chair, were respectively duly sworn, and took the general oath of secrecy as before entered on the Minutes, to keep secret all such matters and things as shall be given in charge by order of this Congress to be kept secret until leave shall be given by the like order to divulge the same.

Colonel Malcom came into the Congress, and reported the Soundings between Red-Hook and the Pest-Island.

The Report read,

Ordered, That it be returned to Colonel Malcom, to be amended and reduced to a scale.

Mr˙ Scott, from the Committee appointed to report a Law or set of Resolutions of this Congress to prevent the dangers to which this Colony is exposed by its internal enemies, brought in the Report of the said Committee, which he read in his place, and delivered in at the Chair. The


same was again read through, and was then read paragraph by paragraph. On reading the third paragraph of the preamble, and the question being put thereon, whether the Congress agrees with this Committee in their Report?

Richmond County voted against it.