Deposition of Guisbert Schenck on the late conduct of William Warne


Captain Zephaniah Platt informed the Committee that Mr˙ Guisbert Schenck, who has been requested to give information of the late conduct of William Warne, was attending at the door. Being called in and examined, his Deposition follows:

"DUTCHESS County, ss:

"Guisbert Schenck, of Dutchess County, being duly sworn, deposeth and saith: That William Warne lately informed the deponent that he had come from Nassau-Island; that he had been informed, and said it was the publick report on the island, that the American army had lost in killed and taken, about three thousand men; that he had also heard that the Royal army had lost about two hundred men. That he told the deponent that he had received his information from the Regulars and the Tories. That he also informed the deponent of a report that one man, by stratagem, had taken prisoners either ninety or ninety-nine of the American army, by informing them, when they had surrounded him, that they were then surrounded by a large number, and advising them to club their arms and go with him, with which the Americans complied, and were thereby taken prisoners. That he also informed the deponent that Suffolk County had all surrendered; that the General had sent them a message, that if they would testify their loyalty, they must send him two hundred wagons; and that they had sent about three hundred wagons to assist in removing


baggage to Hell-Gate. That he also informed the deponent, that he had heard that the Regulars had thrown up a breastwork opposite to the fortification at Home' s Hook, and demolished it. That the said William Warne informed the deponent that he had left Nassau-Island on Friday last. That he gave it as his opinion that the Royal army would conquer America.


"Sworn this 10th day of September, 1776, before me:

"ABM˙ YATES, Jun˙, President."