Letter from Colonel Remsen, dated at New-Haven, September 7,Captain Wiltse' s sloop, impressed to go to New-York, delayed for want of a master


Colonel Livingston and Colonel Allison, the Committee to whom was referred the subject of employing Post-Riders, delivered in their Report, which was read.

Ordered, That the consideration thereof be postponed till to-morrow morning.

A Letter from Colonel Henry Remsen, dated at New-Haven, the 7th instant, was read. He therein informs that Mr˙ Peter Colt is agent for Colonel Trumbull, the Commissary-General; is employed up Hudson' s river to purchase flour. He recommends Mr˙ Colt to the Members of the Convention to direct him where to apply for flour.

Ordered, That Colonel P˙ R˙ Livingston, Mr˙ Wisner, Captain Platt, Major Park, be a Committee to confer with Mr˙ Colt, and give him the best directions they can on that subject.

Colonel Remsen further informs by his said Letter that he is waiting at New-Haven for the arrival of Captain Harrison from Providence, which were imported by Mr˙ Van Zandt and himself for the State of New-York; that he expects them soon, and requests directions how to dispose of, or where to lodge the said goods.

Ordered, That that part of Colonel Remsen' s Letter which relates to the Dry Goods be deferred for consideration till to-morrow morning.

Major Schenck informed the Convention that Captain Wiltse' s Sloop, which was impressed to go to New-York for the Sick, is delayed for want of a Master; that Captain Wiltse' s wife is in such a situation that he cannot go abroad, and that Captain Bush declines going.

Ordered, That Major Schenck go to the landing, and endeavour to procure some proper person to proceed with the said Sloop immediately.

N˙ B˙ Colonel Renselaer obtained the consent of all the Members present to go home and take charge of his Regiment, to furnish their quota of men, and to prepnre and command the Regiment should they be generally called to action.