Letter from General Washington, dated May 17 Posts of the several Regiments of Militia of New-York, Long-Island, and Staten-Island, should be arranged in conjunction with the Continental Army


P˙ M˙ May 18, 1776.

A Letter from General Washington, dated the 17th instant, was read, as follows, viz:

"New-York, May 17, 1776.

"SIR: As I have no doubt of the willingness of the Militia of this City to join in its defence against the attempts of the enemies of America, it is highly necessary, in order to avoid confusion in the time of any alarm, that the posts of the several Regiments of Militia be fixed on in conjunction with those of the Continental Army, and that they be allotted to the Brigades most convenient to their several situations; and as I am now arranging that part of the business of the Army, it will, I presume, be proper that directions be given to the Commanding Officers of the several corps to take the stations I shall assign, and to obey the orders they may in time of danger receive from me or the Brigadier-Generals of the Continental Army. The like measure will be equally necessary with regard to the Militia of King' s County and part of Queen' s County, on Long-Island, and also the Militia of Staten-Island; and I am persuaded that the mention of a matter so obviously necessary will be sufficient to induce the Congress of this Province to give such directions as are proper on this occasion.

"I have the honour to be, with great respect, sir, your most obedient servant,


"To the Hon˙ the President of the Colony of New-York."