Certificate of the election of William Henry Drayton in Saxe-Gotha District


A member presented to the House a Certificate of an Election for the District of Saxe-Gotha. And he read the Certificate in his place, and afterwards delivered it in at the Clerk' s table, where the same was read, and is as follows:

"South-Carolina, Saxe-Gotha District:

"In pursuance of a letter from the Honourable William Henry Drayton, informing the Committee for this District that a writ of election was issued and sent up for a member in the House of General Assembly, (though the said writ never came to hand,) the electors of Saxe-Gotha District were duly summoned to meet at Congarees, on Friday, the 13th instant, for the purpose of electing a member for the said District; and the said election having been held, it appeared that the Honourable William Henry Drayton was duly and unanimously elected to represent the said District in the present General Assembly: Which proceedings are hereby certified and returned by us, the Commissioners for the District.

"Signed the 22d day of September, 1776.


"To the Speaker of the General House of Assembly for South-Carolina."

After some debate, a motion was made that Mr˙ Drayton be called in to qualify.

And the question being put, the House divided; the yeas went forth. Teller for the yeas, Mr˙ Attorney General — 32. Teller for the noes, Honourable Mr˙ Lowndes — 52.

So it passed in the negative.